"Serving the needs of our 

service providers"

Congratulations to our president Yolanda Medina and vice-president Rosa-Maria Crocker on receiving the support grant for each of their Plaza Comunitaria programs, Adult Basic Education in Spanish! The special funds were granted by the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas in recognition to their astounding individual work! 

A very special moment with Mr. Francisco de la Torre, Consul General of Mexico in Dallas. What an honor!

Below, with Mr. Carlos Lopez, Community Outreach of the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas officer.

Thank you!


Congratulations, 2023 CCALC MiniGrants Recipients! 

Keep up 

the good work!

See more pictures in our EVENTS page!

Mini-Grants are made possible



generous grant!


Mini Grants! 

2023 Awarded!


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CCALC Lunch with Literacy Leaders was such a great networking event!

Programs represented:

Hunter’s Glenn Baptist Church, Local Good Center, CCALC, Plaza Comunitaria Dallas Norte, Grayson College, ABE and Plaza Comunitaria de Plano at MAS-PISD, Prairie Creek Baptist Church, Light of Hope Immigration, Rowlett Public Library, BEST - Woodcreek Church, First Baptist Richardson, Immigrant Connection at Sent Church - Law Center.

CCALC Board (left to right): Charlie Johnston, Communications Officer; Eileen Turner, Treasurer & Basic Literacy Specialist; Eunice Santoso, Secretary; Rosa-Maria Crocker, Vice President; Yolanda Medina, President; Robert Crocker, Webmaster.

Basic literacy programs in Spanish received Service Support funds from the Mexican National Institute for Adult Education (INEA)! The presentation of checks was at the Mexican Consulate in Dallas, on January 26,2023. 

Right to left: Mr. Francisco de La Torre, Consul General of Mexico at Dallas; Rosa Maria Crocker, Plaza Comunitaria de Plano Coordinator; Yolanda Medina, Plaza Comunitaria Dallas Norte Director; Elizabeth Espinosa, Community Affairs officer.


Thank you, Kendra Scott! 

Celebrating International Literacy Day at the Kendra Scott store in Allen, Texas! Attending the CCALC table were: Eileen Turner (treasurer and adult literacy specialist), Yolanda Medina (president), and Rosa-Maria Crocker (vice-president).


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Great meeting! 

From left to right: Dr. Amy Gainer, Dean Academic Affairs; Laura Henry, Assistant Director; Rachel Bzostek W., Associate Dean Academic Affairs; Eileen Turner, CCALC Treasures and Adult Ed. Specialist; Rosa Maria Crocker, CCALC Vice president and Webmaster Assistant; Yolanda Medina, CCALC President; and Dr. Brenden D. Mesch, Campus Provost. 


Great event! 

Representing CCALC was 

Ms. Eileen Turner, treasurer and Adult Literacy Specialist.

Thank you!


Our annual CCALC Lunch With Leaders was such a great meeting of service missions, hearts, and reaffirmation of our purpose to support the adult education efforts in our communities 

and each other! 

From left to right: Dr. Robert Crocker, CCALC; Eunice Santoso, CCALC; 

Kay Hurley, BEST, Woodcreek Church; Simret Ingram, Local Good Center; 

Yolanda Medina, CCALC; 

Maria Venegas, Light of Hope Immigration Center; Ann Banks, Richardson Adult Literacy Center; Gloria Granados, Light of Hope Immigration Center; Holly Warner, BEST, Woodcreek Church; 

Rosa-Maria Crocker, CCALC; 

Vicki Behrend, CCALC; Eileen Turner, CCALC.


Saturday March 09, 2024, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX, USA

Great conference! Attending from CCALC 

(left to right): 

Charlie Johnston, Communication Officer; 

Dr. Robert Crocker, Website Master and GED Tutor; Yolanda Medina, President and Basic Literacy Tutor; Eileen Turner, Treasurer and Adult Literacy Specialist; 

and, Vicki Behrend, Grant Writer. 

Not in picture: 

Maria Muller, Basic Literacy Tutor.


The Citizenship Information Workshop was a very well attended and great event! Attending for CCALC (left to right): Vicki Behrend, Grant Writer; Yolanda Medina, President; Rosa Maria Crocker, Vice-President / Webmaster Assistant; and Eileen Turner, Treasurer / Adult Literacy Specialist. 

More pictures in our EVENTS page! 


Congratulations to our wonderful CCALC Secretary, Ms. Eunice Santoso, on receiving the ATPE Teacher of the Year Award at Plano ISD! So deserving! 


Supporting the efforts and attending the Graduation Ceremony of DCET Plaza Comunitaria, Irving, Texas! 

Left to right: Marisol Rivas P., Mexican Consulate at Dallas officer; Rosa Maria Crocker, Plaza Comunitaria de Plano / CCALC VP; Yolanda Medina, North Dallas Plaza Comunitaria / CCALC president. 

Also in attendance for CCALC, Dr. Robert Crocker, Webmaster.

Receiving Recognition for partnership and excellence. 

What an honor!


Congratulations to Light of Hope Immigration Center!

Their 17th Anniversary Celebration event was such a great success! 

We are so proud to support their efforts and count them as CCALC members.


The Frisco ISD Career Expo was a great event! Thank you to Ms. Holly Hines for inviting CCALC to have an info table there! In the picture below, from left to right: Holly Hines, Managing Director of Humane Resources, and Rosa Maria Crocker, CCALC vice-president and Assistant Webmaster.

What a great workshop we had! 

Ms. Karen Coffey's presentation on "Tools for Adults with Learning Disabilities in Reading" was amazing!

And the presentation of Ms. Yolanda Medina's book was so moving and uplifting!


What a great conference! In attendance for CCALC (left to right): 

Karen Pearson, CCALC volunteer tutor; Yolanda Medina, CCALC president; Rosa Maria Crocker, CCALC vice-president, and presenter at the conference!